Forming part of the Agius Group of Companies, the Blue Clay Collection is our hospitality brand.
Founded in 2022, it started with the opening of the Terrazzo Restaurant and Beach Bar, located on the stunning cliff overlooking Xlendi Bay in Gozo.

Providing a unique dining experience, Terrazzo, has become one of the most sought-after venues, where our patrons can enjoy exquisite food and a top-notch service in the stunning setting.

The Agius Group has an unparalleled reputation for its attention to detail, and providing an exceptional customer experience, across all its business entities. with these same values, the Group is embarking on a series of projects to expand its Blue Clay Collection in the coming years. the same values of providing exceptional quality and standards will remain at the core of our business as we grow our hospitality portfolio, which includes hotels and luxury accommodation.

Our vision is to become a leader in the hospitality industry, as we continue to provide an outstanding dining experience and exceptional service, be it in our catering venues or luxurious accommodation.

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